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About Adventure 38

Garden rentals & sponsored gardens

An Idea 50 Years
In the Making

In 1973, my parents moved our large family to “the farm.” On first viewing the property, my father said, “we can make something of this place.” Now, after a successful engineering career, I'm helping my ageing father to stay living at home and to realize his original dream.

The insight struck to share our property with others by renting vegetable gardens. After years of doing just that, we’ve expanded to over 7,000 square feet and are now taking things to the next level: Sponsored Gardens

In 2024, we’re offering companies and individuals a unique opportunity to garden “virtually” and sponsor the donation of fresh vegetables to feed people in need. Check out this innovative program here: FOODonator$

Consider joining us in our mission!


Adventure 38 Area Map

2024 Adventure 38 Rental & Sponsored Gar
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